Tenant or User Data Access

This article describes the process of how to access the log data of your tenant or a single user.

Beyond Identity Admin Console has a lot of details already provided.

Step 1: Check Admin Console

Log in to the Admin Console and inspect if the data download option is available for you. If not, or you need some larger subset of data that is not provided via API, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Create Data Access Request

a) Open Data Access Request via Customer Support Portal

Create a specific type of ticket for requesting data access.

b) Send Data Access Request to support@beyondidentity.com

Subject: Request Access for <TENANT_ID or USER_ID> Data

Message: Please provide a brief description and justification

Step 3: Respond to the Confirmation Request

Beyond Identity will confirm from the named account contact person for the data access. Without a response from the named person, Beyond Identity will not proceed.

Step 4: Beyond Identity Will Send the Data as Closure

Beyond Identity data team will process the data export. Once the data export is complete, the support team will confirm the request processed and will provide the content. This process will take 5 business days.