How to turn on accessibility on Android

Some applications have strict permissions for web browser login screens they display to end-users. This can block the Beyond Identity Authenticator from being able to interact directly with the application. To circumvent these problems in most cases, there is an option to enable an Android accessibility service, which will allow Beyond Identity to interact with the application and allow login to proceed.

The image on the right side here is a sample of what you might be experiencing.


Beyond Identity Authenticator version 2.10.0 or later.


Here are the steps captured from Android 10, if you have a different version of Android the dialogs may look slightly different. The main flow should be the same.

  1. Open the Beyond Identity Authenticator.


  2. Navigate to the settings.


  3. Toggle the “Accessibility Service” to on.


  4. Choose “Next” on the confirmation dialog.


  5. Select the Beyond Identity Authenticator from the list of available Accessibility Services.


  6. Toggle the service to on and confirm any additional dialog(s).


  7. Beyond Identity will now be enabled as an accessibility service.

8. Once enabled, tap the back button twice to navigate back to the Beyond Identity Authenticator settings screen, and confirm the “Accessibility Service” option is enabled.

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