How do I migrate my credential to an iOS device?

This article will provide an overview of extending your Beyond Identity credential from your desktop to an iOS device.


This article is intended for users that have already registered a Beyond Identity credential on another device.

  1. The first step is to download the Beyond Identity Authenticator on your iOS device.

  • You can do this by navigating to the App Store and searching “Beyond Identity.”

  • Alternatively, you can also navigate to, then click “Download for iOS,” which will take you to the App Store.

Apple Store


2. Start adding a new credential to the Beyond Identity Authenticator

  • Once you have downloaded the Beyond Identity Authenticator, you’ll be prompted to “+ Add credential” when it is opened. Tap that button and then select “Add existing credential.”

  • You now have the option to either extend your Beyond Identity credential by using the Camera QR method or by typing in the 9 digit code.



3. Open Beyond Identity Authenticator that already has your credential

  • Next, open your Beyond Identity Authenticator on your Desktop. On Mac, you can do this by clicking the Beyond Identity Y icon at the very top of your screen by the WiFi and sound icons. On Windows, you can find the Beyond Identity Authenticator located in the system tray near the WiFi, time, and date settings. You may need to click the ^ icon to display the icon in the Windows system.

  • Once you have the Beyond Identity Authenticator open, select “Set up on other devices.” Given this is a high-risk transaction, you’ll be prompted to authenticate before being able to extend your credential to another device.

4. Scan or enter the code

Remember not to share your screen while adding the credential or keep the code open too long.

  • Lastly, from your iOS device, scan the QR code image from your Desktop, or type in the 9 digit number that is presented.

  • Once completed, you’ll see a message stating that the credential has been successfully set up on this device.



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