Tenant or User Deletion

This article describes the process of how to delete your tenant or a single user.

Beyond Identity has an API method on the roadmap for this that is estimated to be published in Q2/2022. Until the API is available, the process is manual.

Step 1: Deactivate or Delete User/Tenant

To prevent the user from logging in, log in to the Admin Console and deactivate the user. If the intention is to ask for deletion of the tenant, ensure that users can authenticate using some other method.

Step 2: Create Delete Request

a) Open Delete Request via Customer Support Portal

Create a specific type of request for deleting tenant or user.

b) Send Delete Request to support@beyondidentity.com

Subject: Delete Request for <TENANT_ID or USER_ID>

Message: Brief description if needed

Step 3: Respond to the Confirmation Request

Beyond Identity will confirm from the named account contact person for deletion. Without a response from the named person, Beyond Identity will not proceed.

Step 4: Beyond Identity Will Confirm Delete Request Processed

Beyond Identity data team will delete the tenant/user from the platform. Once the data deletion is complete, the support team will confirm the request processed. This process will take 5 business days.